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Hello and welcome to my Usborne story!

My name is Aneta Grzegrzułka-Kanik, I'm a freelance teacher of English by profession and a mother of two (Mati, 5, and Tola, 2)... by choice:) 

I joined Usborne in 2013 to buy these beautiful English books for my little son and to share with him my love of reading and foreign languages. My friends' reactions to our first delivery basically made me drift towards a career change, for which I'm very grateful, as four years and one little girl later, I'm able to be a full-time mum and a leader to an international team.

I love Usborne as it lets me put smiles on so many people's faces, for the flexibility it offers, and for giving me the opportunity to meet all those fascinating people, passionate educators and mums like myself. All that thanks to paying visits to schools, preschools and people's houses, and taking tones of books along:)


Contact me and let me show you how to turn your starter box of books into a career you'll love!


EU Group Leader / Independent Usborne Organiser

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Aneta Grzegrzułka-Kanik
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