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Kerry Stenson, Independent Usborne Organiser

February Picks for Schools

23rd January 2020

Reading Schemes


With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition, Usborne's Phonics Readers are specially designed to develop essential language skills and early reading. This month's new titles are Iguana's Bananas and Shark in the Park.


With lots of illustrations and fact-filled text, this series is great for readers who are growing in confidence and prefer non-fiction. This month's new titles are Creepy CrawliesDinosaur World and Underground Animals.


Young Fiction

Knitbone Pepper is a dead special ghost dog, haunting the crumbling Starcross Hall with a gaggle of other ghostly pets! When Knitbone and his beloved owner Winnie invite the circus to Starcross, the spooks are so excited! But amidst the magicians, the acrobats and the clowns, Knitbone senses something beastly in the big top...

Now available in a very collectible new format, Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog: The Last Circus Tiger is the second addition to the wonderfully warm and whimsical series.

Welcome to Twinkleland Kingdom, where everything is 100% perfect. Except Princess Pea - she loves getting muddy and having fun, and she's not keen on choosing her own perfect unicorn at the Royal Unicorn Parade. Until the final unicorn turns out to be a podgy, pongy, proud, magic-horned...pig? And so the adventures of Princess Pea and Unipiggle begin!

Meet the princess who loves breaking the rules and her royal unicorn (who happens to be a... Unipiggle?!) in Unicorn Muddlethe first book in a stand-out new series from award-winning author-illustrator Hannah Shaw.

Middle Grade Fiction

June, 1905. Helena and her parrot, Orbit, are swept off to Cambridge when her father is appointed clock-winder to one of the wealthiest men in England. There is only one rule: the clocks must never stop. But Helena discovers the house of one hundred clocks holds many mysteries; a ghostly figure, strange notes and disappearing winding keys... Can she work out its secrets before time runs out?

A gripping combination of mystery and history set against an Edwardian backdrop of adventure and change, The House of One Hundred Clocks is the second book from A.M. Howell, an astonishing new voice in middle-grade historical fiction.



Inventions Scribble BookCombining real science and engineering skills with creativity and imagination, this scribble-in activity book is jam-packed with inventions to design or discover. Including downloadable templates and links to specially selected websites, this is a great resource to spark inspiration in KS2 scientists.

Lift-the-Flap Maths ShapesJam-packed with information about flat and solid shapes, angles, patterns and more, this entertaining introduction to maths and geometry has over 125 flaps to lift. Written in consultation with a primary maths expert, it's a fantastic support for KS1 maths lessons.

Home Learning

Get Ready for School

With laminated pages and a special pen, our Wipe-Clean learning series are specially designed for the activities to be enjoyed again and again. An excellent way for young children to learn pen control and basic writing skills, with no fear of making mistakes!

This month's new title is: Wipe-Clean Three-Letter Words to Copy

Key Skills

Written to support the National Curriculum, our Key Skills series is ideal for helping children to gain confidence in the skills they are learning at school, and is perfect for providing that extra support at home.

This month's new titles are: Wipe-Clean Writing Skills 5-6, Wipe-Clean Finding Out About Animals 6-7, Wipe-Clean How Plants Grow 5-6 and Wipe-Clean Investigating Living Things 7-8.