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Please note that my little pop-up bookshop is still open for business during the current coronavirus situation. Although baby groups, playgroups, toddler groups etc are shut, schools and nurseries are closed I am still operating and you can order direct from my website for home delivery to your home address. We as Organisers have had reassurance from Head Office that the warehouse have implemented tight hygiene controls and that Fedex are operating as usual but they will leave your delivery on the doorstep and step back until you answer the door.

I am sure that many of you, as I am, are attempting to homeschool your children and/or keep them entertained whilst you and/or your partner work from home. This isn't easy and we all need to stick together. I hope that being able to order things from my website which will help keep the children entertained, busy, learning and having fun helps and I am SO very thankful for your continued support.


Hey there :)

I wanted to try to briefly explain why I am still here as an Usborne Organiser, 4 years after signing up in January 2016.

I signed up for my business 3/4 months after I first discovered what Usborne Books at Home was all about. A lifelong book lover, I knew and loved Usborne books. I had grown up with them, I had taught using them and we had them at home for our twins. Becoming an Organiser and starting my own bookshop business felt like a low-risk adventure I wanted to try.

Prior to becoming a mum I was a primary school teacher in Outer London. I taught Year One. When I became a mum to our twins in 2011 my career went on hold. They inherited a condition from my husband called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia which means they've had physio since being two weeks old. Various physio, neurology, paediatrician appointments meant that returning to teaching wasn't really an option. My husband was (and still is) a teacher too and teaching doesn't lend itself to needing to take regular time off work.

Four years on, Harry and Maisie started school and I needed something to do whilst they were at school. I needed to be able to do the school runs, I needed something totally flexible for all our appointments but I also needed something to help me become Beth again, and not just mummy.

Usborne felt like something I would enjoy, I thought I could be good at and it was so flexible - and if it all failed, I had lots of new books for Harry and Maisie.

I'm an anxious kind of person - I always worry about the things that could go wrong, but over the last 4 years, as well has having a lot of fun, finding something I am good at, earning a good monthly income and making some awesome friends, I have learned to change my thinking. I try much harder to think, what's the best that could happen and it's really changing my mindset for so many other aspects of life!

I absolutley LOVE working with schools and nurseries. I support a fabulous team of people who all run their businesses in very different ways and I thoroughly enjoy being my own boss.

If you'd like to ask me anything about Usborne, my business, how it works, what you could do with it, let me know. Drop me an email or a text and let's have a chat.

Beth x

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