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MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you have a wonderful time this Christmas :)

Hey, thanks for dropping by my website! 

Here's a bit about me and my Usborne business;

I began my Usborne business in January 2016 and I never, in a million years thought I would build a successful business...I knew NOTHING about running a business, I'd never sold a thing in my life and I thought I was rubbish with money and didn't know many people....despite all those worries and fears I have loved every second of building my business and I do it my way (maybe I should sing that bit?!)

I am very passionate about supporting schools and nurseries to get free Usborne books and I love running projects for them. I also enjoy getting out of the house with my books, soft-play centres, Baby Sensory groups, toddler groups, summer fairs etc and I really enjoy supporting an awesome team of women who all run their own businesses their own ways too.

Find me on Facebook to see more of what I love about being an Usborne Organiser:

I would absolutely love to support YOU to start your own Usborne business. If you have any questions, worries or concerns then please don't hesitate to get in touch, either drop me an email, a text or use my facebook page. 

I'd also love to hear from you if you run a group and you'd like some free books through me visiting and selling books to the people who attend your group, you'd get free books from being the 'host', or maybe you work in a school or nursery and you'd like some free books, there is no charge for our services to schools and nurseries - it's absolutely free! Or maybe you just want to buy some books but you want to know a bit more about the best ones for your child first.

Whatever your reason for popping by my website, I'd love to hear from you :)


Beth x

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