Braw Books For Bairns

Rona McColgan, Independent Usborne Organiser


Baby's very first black and white books

Specially designed to appeal to the littlest members of your family, the high contrast illustrations in this delightful duo are fantastic for engaging babies in their earliest reading experiences.

Includes: Baby's Very First Black and White Book Animals and Baby's Very First Black and White Book Babies.

2 books:

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2 books:
ISBN: 9781474984980


Winner - Loved by Parents Best Baby Book 2013
One of three Usborne winners, the Baby's Very First Black and White Books series received the bronze award in the TheLovedbyparents Awards 2013. The awards recognise products, brands and businesses that parents truly love. Parent testers and their little ones were tasked with testing hundreds of entries from all over the world, and winning entries were decided by the public.

Press reviews

(The books) are the perfect size for little hands and the pictures are so clear and attractive that they will grab the children’s attention. As language can be delayed for many of the deaf children we work with, these are ideal as they are so simple and can really help to encourage their first words and signs.
Gillian, Hearing Support Service