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The Egyptian Echo

The Egyptian Echo

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The Egyptian Echo

Why DID the Egyptians build the pyramids? What do those squiggly hieroglyphics really mean? Why did Pharaohs wear snakes in their hats? Find out in the Egyptian Echo. It's a fresh and lively look at Ancient Egyptian history told by way of screaming headlines and hot-under-the-collar tabloid journalism. Covering 3,000 years in 32 pages, it's bursting with facts and humour. Cats - Just How Sacred Are They?, King Tut in Ostrich Outrage, Sex Change Pharaoh Claims Dad was a God. Read all about it in the Echo - it's sphinxational!


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Key Stage: KS2/3 H; Age 9+

ISBN: 9780746027516
32 pages
276 x 216mm

Author/Editor: P. Dowswell

Illustrator: Several