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Darlene Martin-Elder, Independent Usborne Organiser

Moving house

First experiences
Moving house

  • Designed to introduce young children to unfamiliar situations in an amusing and friendly way.
  • Features Stephen Cartwright’s delightful illustrations, providing lots to look at and talk about.
  • An ideal starting point for young children and adults to discuss first experiences.

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Extra information

Age: 2+

ISBN: 9780746066614
16 pages
210 x 210mm or 150 x 150mm

Mini paperback:
ISBN: 9780746066706
16 pages
210 x 210mm or 150 x 150mm

Author/Editor: Anna Civardi

Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright

Press reviews

Helps your child to look at the positives of a big move.
Practical Parenting and Pregnancy magazine

Reader reviews

Moving House
We bought this for my son 3 months before he was 3 (and 3.5 months before we moved). It was a brilliant way to introduce our coming move. He loved the story and the pictures and was completely familiar with the story by the time we started our packing and moving. We were able to use the same language to describe what was happening to us and the move was completely trauma free. Definitely money well spent.

Susie Woodward, 30th June 2010