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2nd November 2013

Rona McColgan

Rona McColgan has been an Usborne Organiser for 17 months and has already achieved a great deal. During this time, Rona has built a team of her own and mentored a new recruit to do the same. Plus, she's achieved sales success with a high value order at a home party last month. Here Rona tells us how she did it:

"As a life-long lover of Usborne books, I was looking for something fun and rewarding to supplement my income while on maternity leave and to potentially allow me to work part-time while spending more time with my two children. I figured I had nothing to lose and, as it turned out, I ended up gaining so much...

The perfect working environment

Home parties were particularly attractive to me, as I love that folks can have friends round for an evening (with a wee glass of something) or during the day with tea and cake (with or without children). They get the opportunity to socialise, have a giggle and do a bit of book shopping. The fabulous thing about Usborne books is that they really do sell themselves; they are such a high quality product and no 'sales patter' is required. This is a good thing as I am definitely NOT a sales woman, but I am passionate about these books!

I had a particularly successful party last month. A good friend of mine agreed to have a party and decided to invite everyone she knew. It was a lovely evening with nibbles, drinks and lots of lovely chat about beautiful books and the importance of reading, as well as questions about different titles and guests sharing their favourite titles with each other. So much fun!

At the end of the party, sales had reached £600 and my friend, as the party host, was pretty delighted as she was entitled to over £60 worth of FREE books!

Team building success

Being a Team Leader has meant I have been able to share my passion for all things Usborne with people who have joined my team and support them in their business too. One of my team members was determined to become a Team Leader herself and her enthusiasm and determination paid off. With the encouragement and support from myself, and the rest of our division, she promoted in August and it is great to see her business blooming as a result.

I have more interested team members heading down the same path and it is such a thrill to see them achieve their goals too. I truly have found a job that I love; rewarding, flexible and oh so much fun!"

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