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Andreea Moraru

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Hi there,

They call me Andreea.

I am a mother of one little happy kid that enjoys reading and playing with books from a very young age. Today we have extended shelves full of books not only in his rooms, but throughout the whole house.

In every room we go or play, we are surrounded by beautiful, magical books that make our day better, make our boy happier and help him understand various things. Whenever he wants me to read something or he wants to play with flaps and discover great new (or already known) things, Usborne books are there to meet our needs and desires. 

With Usborne, he learned great things from a very young age through touching, feeling, sounds and amazing visuals. All these help him to coordinate better, concentrate for much longer, remember things and associate them when the flaps are closed with other images or exercises. They also help him recognize and understand numbers, body parts, all kind of elements from nature/ kitchen/ transportation industry and so much more.

Moreover, these books are wonderful because alongside everything I just written, they help us connect with our child, spending quality time with him/ her and offering the possibility of learning while playing.

I highly encourage you to take a look at these books if anything presents interest.

Thank you for your time.

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