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Caroline Mason, Independent Usborne Organiser

Get counting confident with our Numbers Book Set

2nd January 2020

How many groups of five can you see? How big is a million? This beautifully illustrated pair give a fun-filled introduction to the basics of maths, numeracy and counting.


Count to 100
One full moon, two little dogs, 10 red peppers, 100 twinkling stars... Make counting to 100 effortless with this gorgeous hardback picture book for little children! Introducing the logic of counting in an engaging and captivating way, little ones can learn numbers from one to ten and then count in tens all the way up to 100.

How Big is a Million?
A million is a very big number. But exactly how big? Pipkin the penguin wants to know just that! With gentle humour and memorable characters, this wonderful picture book tells the tale of a small penguin with a big heart on a journey to discover just how big a million really is.

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