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Leonie Klebeck

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I've always loved books. Our 2 little girls love books just as much, if not more. We've shared many great moments over an Usborne book.

I don't remember many details from my childhood yet I remember clearly my passion for books and reading. I recall picking up science magazines and my mum's readers digest at preschool age and pretending to put the words together like I was reading a story. Every coin I received for completing chores was saved up until I had enough money for the next book in the Enid Blyton series I had picked out long before, I still have the Enid Blyton collection now. School holidays were spent riding my bike back and forth from the library borrowing the maximum number of books possible and then reading them cover to cover ready to return the next day. Now I have 2 little girls who share my passion for books, both reading and activity books.

We discovered Usborne books initially through the "That's not my..." series and then continued on with the Sticker Books which helped the girls master colours and numbers. Whether it's sticking, colouring or reading, we have fun together and are looking forward to the many great times in the years ahead with Usborne Books.

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