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Hanka Novotná, Independent Usborne Organiser

Hanka Novotná

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I joined Usborne in 2012 as an Independent Usborne Representative with a great help of my mentor Zoë. The main reason was to have a display of beautiful English books at home for my little boy Kája and also use the books to help him develop the knowledge of the foreign language. To my surprise my son's friends were so fascinated by our humble Usborne library and so it happened that from time to time few of them were given the books at different occasions. Gradually orders started coming in.

Thus, my mission is to let the children lay their hands on the books as soon as possible and let their curiosity take over.

As an Independent Usborne Representative I am here for you whenever you are ready to organise an Usborne party at the local school or your living room. I am here for you whenever you are ready to become a member of my Usborne team but most of all I am here to help you build your own business and independence. Because....

“An avalanche starts with one pebble. A forest with one seed. And it takes one word to make the whole world stop and listen. All you need is the right one.”

                                                                                              =Jay Kristoff=

And I say, it takes one phonecall to change your life. 

Your Usborne lady, 


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