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Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

World Book Day 2018 - Our Primary School Winner!

9th April 2018

Every World Book Day, our Organisers hold hundreds of events in the UK and Europe to celebrate and share a love of reading with as many children as possible.

To make this World Book Day extra special, we held a competition where any primary school that held an event with one of our Organisers, could win a set of STEM books for their library.

Hundreds of schools entered, and we are thrilled to announce that Flash Ley Community Primary School won!

Usborne Organiser, Lorraine Hardy, tells us about how she celebrated World Book Day with them:

"I approached Mrs Holloway, Head of English at Flash Ley Community Primary School, about holding a Ready Steady Read and Listen to coincide with World Book Day, and to get the school lots of lovely free books. 

Following a couple of initial chats, the school held a Ready Teddy Listen, for the non-independent readers, and Ready Steady Read for the upper Key Stage. The aim was to encourage listening and reading skills, whilst rewarding the children taking part and also getting lots of lovely books for the school.

Flash Ley Community Primary School is now the proud owner of over 160 new titles, having raised an amazing £764.58 in sponsorship money, which Usborne topped up by £458.75 in additional free books. This meant that I delivered £1,223.33 of free, gorgeous titles to the school!

As if this wasn't exciting enough, I entered the school into the World Book Day competition that Usborne were hosting. Imagine my surprise when I received an email to say that one of the schools I had entered had actually won! The following day I asked to speak to Mrs Banks the Headteacher, and Mrs Holloway the Literacy Co-ordinator to tell them the fantastic news. Seeing all three of us bouncing up and down on the playground shrieking with joy at 8.30am, must have been a real sight for the children to see - overjoyed doesn't even cover it!

Last Friday, I was invited in to join a special assembly, which also included parents. At this assembly, I started to arrange the new books along the stage, and we decided they needed a bigger stage as there were just so many books! Teachers kept coming in and were amazed at the choice. They were picking them up to look and telling me which fabulous fiction titles they had personally read. 

During the assembly, they celebrated all the new books the children had fundraised for, and also each child that had taken part in raising the money received an Usborne book each as a thank you from the school. I got to present each child with a book, which I had randomly chosen. This was made extra special when a boy received his book Treasure Island only to find out he was doing about that subject at that moment in class - so he was tickled pink about receiving it.

I then had the priviledge of presenting Flash Ley School with the 14 STEM books very kindly given as the prize for the winning primary school. Another teacher was thrilled with this as she had a science competition running the following week which tied in brilliantly.

I have loved working with the school, it was extra special to be able to join them in the assembly and to see the children's faces when realising all those books would be filtering into their classrooms. One little boy walked in, and I could see his face scan from left to right with the biggest WOW as his gaze followed the stage across.

I really do have the best job in the world!"

Mrs Banks, Headteacher of Flash Ley Primary School said: "On behalf of pupils and staff at Flash Ley Primary School, we would like to say a big thank you for our free STEM books. They will be used by all pupils at our school. We couldn't believe that we had won the competition."

Is your school interested in holding a reading event with Usborne Books at Home? Email for more information, or have a read of our digital leaflet about the different ways that an Organiser could work with your school. 


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