Born for Brilliant Books

Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

School of the Term

20th March 2019

We are delighted to announce that Avenue End Primary School are the winners of our School of the Term award for Spring Term One.

Celebrated six times a year, School of the Term is a half-termly award that is given to one UK or EU school that has had a fantastic event with an Usborne Organiser. We are very keen to showcase the amazing things that schools have achieved through working with their Usborne Organiser - it isn't just about the amount of money raised, but the difference made to the positive reading culture of that school.

The work of Avenue End Primary School is a fantastic example of how involving the pupils throughout the whole process can generate levels of enthusiasm that really brings an event into its own, inspiring a love of reading across the whole school community.

Usborne Organiser, Kayleigh Adair, explains just why the event was so successful:

"I became an Usborne Organiser in August 2018. My main motivation for joining was to help my eight-year-old twin girls, Emily and Lily, understand the value of money. Although boosting their home library at the same time was also a big benefit! The girls are very involved in my Usborne business, and they were so excited when they heard about the school opportunities that they immediately shared this information with their head teacher, Mr McNulty. He is fabulous and supports all of his pupils massively.

Mr McNulty arranged a meeting with the three of us after school and let the girls show him the Usborne catalogue and explain the Ready, Steady...Read! event. He was immediately enthusiastic and agreed to arrange an event to mark Book Week Scotland. He also asked the girls if they would like to speak in the school assembly, explaining to the rest of the pupils just how many books they could get for the school.

The Ready, Steady...Read! event was incredibly successful. The children did amazingly well and reached their goal of £600! Mr McNulty arranged a pupil council meeting and invited Emily and Lily to help agree on the order. The children loved having their pick of new books - pupils ranging from Primary One to Primary Seven all had their say. Opening this wonderful opportunity to the kids themselves was a fabulous exercise and generated so much enthusiasm for the new additions to their library.

The books have now arrived, and what a difference they have made to the school and its pupils. The impact has been just fabulous. The pupils have been helping split the books across the classes to ensure that the titles match and enhance learning alongside their school topics. The Phonics Readers in particular have brought a lot of fun into the classrooms with the early readers. The older children have even been reading some of the new books to the younger ones! Thank you, Usborne, for even having this opportunity available to schools. The school library has been wonderfully boosted, with no cost whatsoever to the school's budget."

We asked Mr McNulty for his thoughts on the event and the school's experience of working with their Usborne Organiser:

"We are absolutely delighted with our new Usborne books. The children at Avenue End Primary are very excited about having a wide range of books to choose from that will engage their interest and curiosity.

The books are certainly a welcome addition to our whole school library, positively enhancing our children's reading experiences."

Congratulations, Avenue End Primary! Your certificate will be on its way to you very soon.