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Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book of the Month - The Adventures of Thor Graphic Novel

1st November 2019

Have your children ever told you that they "don't like reading"? Have you ever heard them say that "books are boring", or watched them fidget and gaze out of the window just minutes after sitting down to read? With eye-catching illustrations, bite-sized chunks of text and gripping storylines, a graphic novel might be just the answer! 

We are firm believers that reading should be fun, and every child deserves to experience that magical moment when they pick up that first book that truly inspires them. For children who like their stories action-packed, The Adventures of Thor Graphic Novel promises to take them on adventures far and wide...

Norse God Thor is always itching for a fight. So when he's presented with a magical war hammer called Mjölnir, he can't wait to put it to the test. From his home of Asgard to the realms beyond, Thor confronts a series of fearsome opponents across the nine magical realms that make up the world of Viking mythology.

A stone colossus, a gigantic sea serpent, Thrymr, King of the Frost Giants: no one is a match for the battle-hungry son of Odin. For many years, Thor and the rest of the Aesir continue their adventurous lives. But when they're faced with the turmoil of Ragnarök, can Thor emerge victorious from one final battle?

We love the way this graphic novel uses a fresh and exciting format to inspire young readers to immerse themselves in well-known stories. The 'image-based' feel of the book is a brilliant means of improving reading comprehension - with captions and speech bubbles peppered throughout, the narrative is broken up into bite-sized snippets without ever feeling overwhelming.

Whatever your child's interests, our ever-growing series of graphic novels means there's plenty of opportunity for them to find characters they identify with and stories they can get lost in. We're confident these gripping adaptations of timeless tales will make popular additions to any school library or family bookshelf.

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