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Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book of the Month - Unicorn Muddle

1st February 2020

Princess Peony Peachykins Primrose Pollyanna Posh – Princess Pea for short – lives in a castle with her mum and dad, the Queen and King of Twinkleland.

Her very perfect schedule includes a very early wake-up, stretchy yoga, singing and pan pipe lessons, and ballet! Everyone in the Kingdom of Twinkleland does all they can to meet the high standards expected by Queen Bee: absolute perfection. But being perfect is tiring! Princess Pea certainly finds it all far too snooty.

Everyone in the Royal Palace and the magical Kingdom of Twinkleland has been looking forward to the Unicorn Parade for months – unicorns from all over the kingdom will be competing to become the first ever Royal Unicorn: a noble steed, a stylish mascot and, most importantly to Princess Pea, her loyal sidekick.

But when the day of the parade comes, things don't quite go to plan. Especially when the final unicorn turns out to be a podgy, pongy, proud, magic-horned... pig? And so the adventures of Princess Pea and Unipiggle begin!

The first book in a brand new, stand-out series from Hannah Shaw, Unicorn Muddle is bursting with fun, adventure and magic. With brilliantly vibrant full-colour illustrations throughout, it's a real story time treat for anyone who likes their books packed with giggles. Rather excitingly, readers are also treated to an extra 'How to Draw Unipiggle' exercise so that they can create their own magical companions!

Best of all, did you know that, by hosting an Usborne book party for your family and friends in February, March or April, you could get a copy of Unicorn Muddle for FREE*? Why not ask an Organiser to discover how you can receive a free Usborne book, in addition to many other benefits and rewards!

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