Born for Brilliant Books

Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

May Picks for Home Learning

16th April 2020

May's new titles contain a brilliant range of books that will support your child's home learning - as well as some just for fun! Here are our recommendations divided by subject:

Learning to Read

Beginners Series 

Perfect for children that prefer fact to fiction, the Beginners series has a great range of titles to help children to learn more about the things that really interest them. This month's new titles are: Night and Day and On the Beach.

English Readers

Created for those learning English as an additional language, our English Readers series is a collection of illustrated readers in simplified English for young learners. They include activities, glossaries and a full audio recording of the text in both British English and American English. May's new additions are: King Midas (ER Starter), Stone Soup (ER Starter), Gulliver's Travels (ER2) and Jane Eyre (ER2).

Phonics Readers

Support your child's early reading development with our Phonics Readers. With fun rhyming text, vibrant illustrations and parents' notes at the back, they're perfect for learning the foundations of reading. Our latest title is Frog on a Log.


Key Skills 

Our Key Skills series is a collection of titles specifically designed to support the skills your child is learning at school, and focuses on English, maths and science. The wipe-clean design means that skills can be practised again and again, whilst extension activities and parents' notes mean that parents can stretch and support their children as they learn. The latest titles are Starting to Take Away Early Years, Finding Out About Plants 6-7 and Writing Skills 7-8.



The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates 

Freddie Yates loves facts. A fact can't leave you and no-one can take it away. But when he learns the surprising fact that his biological dad might be living in Wales, Freddie and his best friends sneak off to find him, unwittingly causing a chain of 'miraculous' events involving an onion-eating contest, superhero scarecrows and lifesaving sheep.

Unicorn Rescue Sticker Dolly Stories 

Grace, Holly and Lily are the Magic Dolls, who care for the Magical Creatures of the Enchanted Isle. When a frightened unicorn is found in the Spellwood, it's up to the Magic Dolls to help! In her anxiety the weather unicorn has whipped up a terrible storm, terrifying the fairy creatures of the wood. Can the Magic Dolls help, before it's too late?


Life Skills and Mental Health

Helping our Planet 

We are frequently warned about the health of our planet, but what can we actually do to help? From recycling to shopping choices, this hands-on guide is filled with suggestions for everyday actions and choices that will help readers to make a positive difference.

Looking After Your Health

How can we have a healthy, happy lifestyle? This approachable, engaging book gives readers advice about healthy eating and exercise; managing the pressures of the teenage years; how to get enough sleep, navigate friendships and relationships, and look after their mental health.

Unhurry Book

The Unhurry Book is an illustrated, write-in book full of soothing activities designed to help you slow down and unwind. From breathing exercises and mindful doodling to growing a seed, there's plenty that will help calm both body and mind.



Build Your Own Website for Beginners 

A simple, user-friendly book which helps complete beginners of all ages get started using the web languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After finishing this book, readers will have built their own website from scratch. 

The Amazing Discoveries of 100 Brilliant Scientists

Discover the scientific breakthroughs of 100 brilliant scientists, from Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking, to lesser-known geniuses including 4th-century mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria, 11th-century Chinese polymath Shen Kuo, and 20th-century Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai.


Activity Books

Perfect for some learning through stealth, here are our top three activity book picks from May's new releases:

Little Children's Holiday Activity Book 

A holiday themed, write-in activity book for little children, full of things to do. There are things to spot, mazes to follow, colouring, drawing and lots more.

Number Puzzles and Games

Children can test their number skills with this fun-filled book, packed with a wide range of puzzles, from counting challenges and times-table teasers to number mazes, sudokus and magic squares.

Wipe-Clean Monster Mazes

This lively, interactive book welcomes young children to a maze-filled monster park. Children will gain confidence in problem-solving and pen control as they help the monsters to find their way through the mazes.