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Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

June Picks for Home Learning

14th May 2020

June's new titles contain a fantastic range of books that will support your child's home learning in a fun and engaging way. Here are our recommendations divided by subject:

Learning to Read

Beginners Series

Perfect for children that prefer fact to fiction, the Beginners series has a great range of titles to help children to learn more about the things that really interest them. This month's new titles are: Seasons and Woodland Creatures.

Phonics Readers

Support your child's early reading development with our Phonics Readers. With fun rhyming text, vibrant illustrations and parents' notes at the back, they're perfect for learning the foundations of reading. Our latest title is Mouse Moves House.

Young Reading

Specially written for children who are just starting to read on their own, the Young Reading series are 48-page stories that use fairly short, simple sentences and everyday vocabulary. Our newest title is The Nettle Princess.

Getting Ready for Starting School

Early Years Wipe-Clean

With durable, wipe-clean pages, a special pen, and lots of fun activities to practise again and again, the increasingly popular Usborne Early Years Wipe-Clean series is a brilliant support for the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework that is used in nurseries in schools. June's new titles are Big Letters and Starting to Count.

Wipe-Clean All You Need to Know Before You Start School Activity Book

Join five animal friends for lots of fun activities based around the school day, including mazes, spot the difference and dot-to-dot. Covering Early Years concepts including colours, numbers, naming shapes and counting, this wipe-clean book is fantastic for helping children prepare for school.


Billy and the Mini Monsters

Billy is an ordinary boy until one night, when he finds five Mini Monsters living in his sock drawer! From the moment he discovers Gloop, Peep, Fang-Face, Captain Snott and Trumpet, Billy's life will never be the same again...

Complete with vibrant comic strips, Billy and the Mini Monsters is a wonderfully entertaining series for young readers. March's new paperback edition are Monsters on a Plane and Monsters Go to a Party.

The Great Dodo Comeback

Leni loves birds. So when two scientists arrive on her island home to try to de-extinct the dodo, she jumps at the chance to help. But Benny Shoober, the Sugar King, hates birds and loves growing sugar. He's determined that the dodo will be a no-show... 

Hideous Beauty

Dylan is forced to come out after his secret relationship with Ellis is exposed on social media. But, to his surprise, everyone is really supportive - or appears to be. But Dylan's and El's happiness is short-lived and, following a tragic accident, Dylan begins to realise how little he knows about the boy he loves... or those closest to him.


Lift-the-Flap Grammar and Punctuation

Packed with tips and tricks for getting to grips with verbs, pronouns, commas and more, this engaging book is a brilliant introduction to how English works.


All the Science You Need to Know by Age 7

Engage in the world around you with this lively and enlightening introduction to science. From materials, light and space to humans, animals and plants, this book covers an impressive range of topics in a simple, accessible way.

Look Inside Wild Weather

How do tornadoes form? How do people deal with wildfires? Why is extreme weather getting worse? Lift the flaps in this topical guide to find the answers to these questions, and more.

Arts and Humanities

Philosophy for Beginners

From the nature of morality and free will to what beauty is, this brilliantly accessible book uses cartoons, comic strips and diagrams to offer simple explanations of big ideas. A fantastic resource for curious minds, it invites the reader to think about things in ways they may not have done before.

Activity Books

Perfect for some learning through stealth, here are our top three activity book picks from June's new releases:

Dragons Magic Painting

Dragon fans will adore this new addition to Usborne's Magic Painting series. Simply brush water over the pages and watch as the magical scenes burst into glorious colour!

Summer Puzzle Pad

With over 130 summer-themed puzzles covering everything from spot the difference to crosswords, this delightful pocked-sized paperback is perfect for keeping active minds entertained during the summer holidays.

Wipe-Clean Summer Activities

Join the dots, solve mazes and more - and then wipe clean and enjoy all over again! This sunny book is filled with fun activities that encourage young children to practise their pen control.