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Focus on - A European love of English books

1st April 2014

Denise Watt

Starting a new business can be daunting at the best of times, but what about starting a business to sell English children's books when you live in Spain? Well, that's exactly what new Usborne Organiser, Denise Watt did and, despite the language barrier, she's got off to a flying start. Here Denise tells us her story:

"I moved to Spain in December 2012 to take over my parents' business, my family had lived in Spain for many years and it seemed natural to move out there. In the past couple of years my circumstances have changed, and I'm currently a stay-at-home mum to two young children, who attend a Spanish school and are being taught English by me at home.

I'd been looking around for a while for a part-time job that would give me the freedom to work around my family and get involved in the many fiestas that take place in Spain. Fiestas are carnivals or parties which are celebrated with great aplomb by the Spanish, with lots of vibrant colour and noise. Everything closes down and people congregate together to celebrate.

Then I saw the advert looking for Usborne organisers in the EU. Usborne attracted me because the books are of great quality and they support the learning process. Plus it's difficult to obtain good English books in Spain, and find any work outside of bars and resturants (as we live near the coast). I emailed straight away and the next day signed up. I also began to approach a few playgroups via Facebook which gave me initial bookings to work on.

Once my Starter Kit (of Usborne books and sales aids) arrived I couldn't wait to get the books out there and began talking to mums at the school about what I was doing and was taking a few books and a catalogue with me on my bike everyday!

I am not a sales person but by just having the catalogues under my arm I found the confidence to approach people. 

To celebrate fiestas the local towns shut down and party. The children all gather in the square regularly, and so it gives me a chance to sit and go through my catalogue. This also provides the opportunity for parents and grandparents to talk to me about books for their children or ideas for birthday gifts. Interest is expanding all the time and now I am selling at the fiestas too - plus I am becoming known as the Book Lady!

I've found that people love to hear what you are doing and word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. I have just bought a new bike with a basket so I can always fit a few sample books in when I'm out and about.

I have also started to speak with International Schools; it's early days but this will give me a new market of people learning English as a second language.

Being a mum it's very easy to get distracted with my family, but I am finding the Usborne Runaway Success Incentive very motivational (Denise has already achieved her Runaway Success Kit Boost - placing three £100+ orders within three weeks of joining, and her Runaway Success Kit Refund  - placing six £100+ orders within six weems of joining) and it is making me focus on my business. I also love the flexibility to work Usborne around all the family life commitments, to get out and meet other mums and get a few extra pennies in my back pocket!"

Start your own business selling books

There are many children learning English as a second language who could benefit from Usborne's award-winning books. Do you have what it takes to introduce them to Usborne? If so, get in touch now.


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