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Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

"I was absolutely stunned by how much they had raised!"

7th July 2015

Congratulations on your impressive schools order, Emma! How did you do it?

"Thank you! I think the approach was made all the easier by it being my son's school, but I was having a conversation with another parent who happened to be on the Parent Council and mentioned that the school was looking to increase its stock of non-fiction books in the library as many of their books were old and needing replaced."

"I emailed the head teacher suggesting a 'Ready, Steady, Read!' would be a great way to raise money to achieve this and also dropped off catalogues and leaflets at the school.  The Head passed it on to the Librarian and another Teacher and from there I had a meeting to explain how everything would work and we agreed dates to run the 'Ready, Steady, Read!'"

"The school organised the sponsor forms and letters to go home but importantly asked the teachers to promote it to the pupils and to take part themselves so the children could see it was a whole school effort.  When the money came in I collected it from the school and counted it (the office staff were particularly pleased by that part!) and I was absolutely stunned by how much they raised.  Incredibly only around a quarter of pupils took part! Their final total was £2764 raised in sponsorship."

"The school actually have found the most difficult part was choosing which books they want which is why it has taken a long time to spend the money but they should be placing the second part of their order this month."

Thanks for sharing, Emma. What a result!

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