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Kath Saunders, Independent Usborne Organiser

Kath Saunders

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I joined Usborne in September 2012 when my daughters were just 3 and 1, nearly 8 years later and they have had as much pleasure from my job as I have!

I wasn't ready to return to teaching but was keen to earn some extra money for Christmas.  I love that I can take my children to work with me and they're having fun, we take the books to playgroups, ballet class and music group.  I sold lots of one particular book as my daughter sat under the table reading it and everyone wanted one!  I also do home parties, fetes and fairs, charity events and sponsored events with schools. 

I love welcoming new members to my team and helping them achieve their goals!  I'm back to teaching part time and have been introducing schools to the great benefits that Usborne can offer them. 

Christmas presents, a new sofa and a shiny new kitchen and extension are all thanks to my work with Usborne.... I LOVE it!

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