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Book of the Month - All About Feelings

3rd June 2019

All About Feelings is a fun, friendly and reassuring introduction, designed to help young children recognise, understand and name how they're feeling. Vibrant illustrations, simple text, speech bubbles and questions combine throughout to provide plenty of look-and-talk-about opportunities. From body messages and changing feelings to top tips on being kind to yourself, this fantastic book is a brilliantly useful toolkit to help children learn to talk about and manage their emotions.

How are you feeling today? This isn't always an easy question to answer. Everyone in the world has feelings all the time, but the way that we show them changes as we grow. Whereas some feelings inside our heads happen for a reason - 'I'm feeling shy today because I'm starting a new school' - in other instances, feelings can be jumbled up and confusing. Throughout this wonderful book, young readers are reassured that it's OK to not be able to work out why they're feeling a certain way.

It can be difficult to give your feeling a name, but saying what it feels LIKE can help. The book's 'So, how are you feeling?' section assigns colours to emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and calmness as a means of helping little ones articulate their emotions. It can be equally challenging to manage 'fizzy feelings'. Often, if we don't talk about unhappy or angry feelings, they can EXPLODE out in ways that might hurt or upset other people, or yourself. All about Feelings provides a number of activities for children to 'take a moment' to let their feelings out in fabulously creative ways, from stamping around and singing at the top of your voice to squashing and squeezing some modelling clay with your hands.

The most important activity is repeated throughout: talking to someone about how you're feeling.

We love the interactive elements of this thoughtful book. Young readers are frequently asked to reflect on their own emotions, and think about how they would feel in specific scenarios. Activities such as matching speech bubbles to children with tips on how to make themselves feel better provide fantastic empathy exercises, encouraging little ones to understand and share the feelings of others.

All about Feelings is a thoughtful and sensitive exploration of emotions and how to talk about and manage them. With notes for grown-ups and Usborne Quicklinks available for that bit of extra support, it's a fantastic way for parents to help their children navigate their feelings.

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