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Darlene Martin-Elder, Independent Usborne Organiser

More virtual Guided Reading Packs are now available

29th July 2015

Did you know that Usborne can offer teachers the ideal solution for their Guided Reading sessions?

Now back in stock, Oliver Twist (suitable for National Curriculum level 4A) and How Elephants lost their Wings (suitable for National Curriculum level 1B) are newly-presented Guided Reading packs.

These packs now comprise of six loose copies of the same book. Comprehensive teacher's notes are available electronically to accompany the books - which Organisers can exclusively print and distribute for free. The notes are full of ideas and advice on making the sessions as enjoyable and productive as possible for children.

The Guided Reading Packs are available in a quality hardback format for just £25.00 (previously £30.00) for six books, while stocks last.

What is the Guided Reading series?

Guided Reading is a great way to develop reading skills by gathering small groups of children to read the same book together with a teacher's support. Usborne have developed a series of Guided Reading packs, representing a collection of text types, carefully graded within levels 1C-4A of the National Curriculum. Every level develops reading skills, analytic skills, fluency and stamina.

How do I order?

This offer is exclusive to your local Independent Usborne Organiser and cannot be ordered online. Get in touch to order yours today.

Please note...

Other titles in the Guided Reading pack series will gradually be replaced from the old format into this new format.