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Catherine Dolton, Independent Usborne Organiser

April Book Club Review - Deep Water

20th April 2018

When Danni's mum goes missing without a trace, Danni's life turns upside down. Sent to live with her dad in a seaside town miles away from her home, she desperately searches for clues about her mum's whereabouts.

And it's not just her missing mum that is worrying her. Strange things are happening to Danni that she can't explain, and pages of her mum's old diary hint at family secrets that Danni is completely in the dark about. 

When the police call to tell her that they have found a woman meeting her mum's description, Danni's initial joy turns to confusion. Why would her mum have been found on a beach near where her dad lives, when she was always so reluctant to go there? And how can Danni get the answers to her questions while her mum struggles with amnesia?

As Danni's mum's condition fails to improve, and the people around her act more and more strangely, Danni races to put the pieces of the puzzle back together again to find out who she really is, and how she can save her mum.

With a mysterious plot, dark family secrets, and some unbreakable friendships, Deep Water is a novel you will devour from start to finish. As the plot races towards high tide, a climactic conclusion ties all the threads together, leaving you with a final calm after the storm.  

Deep Water is a beautifully written novel, interwoven with old Cornish folklore, and the ever present wonder of the sea. Its magic will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Here's what our Organisers thought about it:

'A story about small town bigotry and the 'other' that splits a family apart out of fear. A fear that is justified when a bigot is supported even after committing an atrocity.' Dionne Lakey

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