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Catherine Dolton, Independent Usborne Organiser

Host an Usborne book party in January

2nd January 2014

Host free gifts January

Happy New Year everyone! Would you like to get your hands on a free Usborne book this January? Well we're delighted to draw your attention to our free gifts* for party hosts in January and February:

  • The gorgeously creative - A Doodle a Day containing a fantastic feast of doodling ideas for aspiring artists; there are hundreds of designs to complete for each day of the year. (RRP £9.99)
  • The inspirational - Write Your Own Story Book which is packed with writing tips and a story writing toolkit, plus ideas for lots of different writing activities. (RRP £7.99)

Invite your friends and family to look at the gorgeous array of Usborne books and sit back and relax, your Usborne Organiser will take care of everything!

Great, I'd like to host an Usborne book party

Get in touch today to arrange your party direct with an Usborne Organiser.

*To get one of these books absolutely free, all you need to do is host an Usborne book party (with a total sales value of £100+) with an Usborne Organiser.