Rachel Lechner, Independent Usborne Organiser

"I took great pleasure in handing over all those lovely books!"

21st July 2015

"One of the main things that attracted me to Usborne was the prospect of working with schools. Having been a teacher before having my children, and being married to one, I felt I had a good base of knowledge and understanding to approach schools with."

"I carried out my first sponsored read at my daughter’s school within two months of joining. They raised £525 through the sponsored read and £170 worth of orders through a book fair. I am very grateful to the school for allowing me to do my first sponsored read and book fair with them and learnt a huge amount from doing it."

"One of the most important things I learnt was that the sponsored read could have been so much more successful had the school promoted it as only a letter was sent home. So out of 225 pupils only 25 took part and yet they still raised £525! I could only imagine how successful it could have been had it been promoted more. I knew I had to emphasise this on the next sponsored read I was involved in."

"Only a few weeks later, I started to work with a school as part of their reading week which they wanted to finish the week off with a sponsored read. One of the first things I said was how important it was to promote it and make it a whole school event which everyone was working towards. Luckily they listened to me! They made up letters to go home emphasising the importance of the event and made it homework for the Easter holidays for everyone. They had a competition to see which class could read the most minutes and it was discussed in assembly and by each class teacher within their classes. It felt like a great way to end a week celebrating reading and the children and parents rose to the occasion raising over £1700"

"I took great pleasure in handing over all the lovely books to the school and can’t wait to do my next 'Ready, Steady Read!' in September."