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Anisha, Accidental Detective

Anisha the Accidental Detective
Anisha, Accidental Detective

Anisha is all set to be a (reluctant) bridesmaid at Aunty Bindi’s wedding...until a secret ransom note arrives. Bindi’s groom has been kidnapped and will only be released IF THE WEDDING IS CALLED OFF! With best friend Milo, mischievous Granny Jas, a runaway lobster, a kitten-loving giant, and some super skills of logic and observation, it’s up to Anisha Mistry to find her uncle, before the big family wedding of the year becomes a big disaster.

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“The chaotic warmth of an eccentric extended family underpins this exhilarating romp which touches upon children’s insecurity about change. Anisha and Milo are an engaging team who we are sure to meet again.”
Daily Mail


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Age: 7+

ISBN: 9781474959520
240 pages
198 x 130mm

Serena Patel

Serena Patel is a part-time law firm training co-ordinator and mum of two. She was shortlisted for the Asian Writer Short Story Prize in 2017 and was a finalist in the Undiscovered Voices Anthology in 2018. She is also a member of the Golden Egg Academy and SCWBI.

Serena Patel

Press reviews

The story surfs along on a wave of excitable prose, while offering insights into Hindu culture that, for the uninitiated, are intriguing.
Financial Times


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