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Second big maze book

Second big maze book

Maze books
Second big maze book

  • There are over 50 entertaining mazes in this book, inviting readers to search for treasure, help lost friends find each other, escape an erupting volcano and much more.
  • Includes extra puzzles to solve and challenges to complete en route.
  • A classic pasttime, revitalised with bright, modern illustrations.


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Extra information

Key Stage: KS1; Age 5+

BIC: B2L79

ISBN: 9781409564461
64 pages
305 x 248mm

Author/Editor: Phillip Clarke

Illustrator: Various

Reader reviews

Second big maze book
I find it so rare to find a maze book for my kids that is both engaging and beautifully illustrated, The Usborne Second Big Maze Book is both. The mazes are not only exciting and challenging enough but the illustrations are just lovely. The book goes beyond the typical “help the bunny find its home”, from a maze around the underground (hello, New York subway!) to a shortcut throughout the graveyard avoiding zombies. This is the ultimate book to bring on a trip!

Andrea Marvan, 30th May 2014