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The story of The Olympics

The story of The Olympics

Young Reading Series 2
The story of The Olympics

  • A brilliant introduction to the history of The Olympics, from the traditional games of Ancient Greece, to their revival by Pierre de Coubertin and the pomp and ceremony of the modern Games.
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  • Specially written for children growing in reading confidence and ability. Part of the Usborne Reading Programme, developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton.
“...bang up to date”
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“The best brief account for children...accessible, informative and cheap.”
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Key Stage: KS1; Age 6+

Lexile Measure: 1040L

Book Band: 12 - Brown

CEFR Level: B2

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ISBN: 9781409545934
64 pages
198 x 130mm

Illustrator: Paddy Mounter

Minna Lacey

Minna Lacey has been writing books for Usborne since 2004, about all kinds of topics - from machines and nature to Christopher Columbus and the Olympics. Born in London, Minna worked as a journalist in Bogota, Colombia, and New York before returning to London to write. She loves reading, drawing, photography, ping pong and Salsa dancing, and has two children called Finn and Poppy.

Minna Lacey

Press reviews

Perfect for new readers who are growing in confidence, this Usborne Young Reader offers all the facts and is packed with bright, colourful illustrations – a KS1 essential read.
The School Run
Gives younger children an ideal opportunity to share in the excitement surrounding the Olympic Games.
Parents in Touch
This is one title from the Usborne Reading Programme, published to coincide with the Beijing Olympics. It offers a lively and engaging look at the story of the Olympic Games from its foundations in Ancient Greece to the global spectacles seen by today's audiences. From Series 2 of the Usborne Reading Programme, this book is intended to support independent readers who are growing in confidence. A clear font is used and the layout is uncluttered. The book is heavily illustrated with cartoon style illustrations, which add a lightly humorous touch. Topics covered include a chapter on great Olympic heroes and there is an appendix listing all the dates and venues of the summer and winter Olympics. The framework for the Usborne Reading Programme can be downloaded from the Usborne website

Write Away

The Story of the Olympics by Minna Lacey, offers an entertaining run-down of the history of the Games. It gets out of the starting blocks with the notoriously nude Ancient Greeks - did you know they declared peace for a month either side of the event so people could travel to and from it safely? - and crosses the finishing line bang up to date with BMX cycling in Beijing. The inclusion of issues like the banning of women offers a springboard for discussion, and uplifting personal stories, such as black runner Jesse Owens' triumphant competition in Nazi-ruled Berlin, are potent reminders of the spirit of the Games.

Time Out Kids Book of the Week

A beautifully-illustrated trip through time looking at the history of the Olympic Games, right through to the event we know today.
Child Education Plus – Ten of the Best Olympic Resources


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