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Fiona Wilkes, Independent Usborne Organiser

An Indian Adventure!

25th April 2018

Our yearly Travel Incentive is our ultimate Organiser reward, and celebrates a year of hard work and achievement for our winners. India was our 2018 destination and an experience that we know our travellers will never forget. Find out all about the magic of our Indian Adventure, and the steps our Leaders took to get there.

Business and Leadership Development Manager, Sue Pittman tells us all about this once-in-a-lifetime trip:

'Having had the opportunity to win many Travel Incentives as a leader with Usborne Books at Home and subsequently co-hosting on these trips since my move across to the Business and Leadership Development Team, this trip to India was quite possibly the most incredible experience to date.

Mumbai stole my heart in a whistlestop walking tour around the city with our local tour guide. This was followed by a wonderful welcome dinner with the MD, enjoying traditional Indian cuisine and the 5* luxury of our amazing hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace. The following day we had a coach tour of Mumbai, taking in sights such as the Gateway of India, Mani Bhawan (the Bombay Headquarters for Ghandi for many years), and the amazing Dhobi Ghat - you've never seen a launderette like it!

An overnight flight that evening took us to Delhi where we checked into another 5* hotel, The Taj Palace Hotel, and the following morning went to see all that Delhi had to offer: India Gate, Humayun's Tomb and the Raj Ghat to mention a few.

The following day was, for many, the pinnacle of the trip. After spending twelve months gazing at the picture of the Taj Mahal on the Travel Incentive, the moment had come for our winners to fulfil this dream. After an incredible first class train journey to Agra, we first visited Agra Fort before finally setting our eyes on the incredible Taj Mahal.

Our final dinner with the MD was phenomenal - a restaurant designed as a railway carriage and named the Orient Express. We were treated to the utmost luxury as we dined on scallops, chocolates and fizz until the early hours of the morning, reliving our favourite moments of the trip.

As always, the most incredible part of the trip for us as a Company is watching our first time winners flourishing from nervous business owners, to reinvigorated, more determined and confident people, who now understand the destination is only a small part of the Travel Incentive - the magic lies in the transformation and rejuvenation it brings to each individual who experiences it.'

First time Travel Incentive winner, Caroline Armstrong tells us how she booked her place on the plane, and what going to India meant for her:

'From the moment the announcement was made at the Gala, I just knew I had to be on that plane to India. It was somewhere I've always wanted to visit, but never saw myself doing so now I have two very young children. I'd only been a Team Leader for two months and knew it was going to be a massive challenge, but my mind was set - I was going to India!

I immediately set out to find a potential Team Leader for that season. Promoting people out was going to be the hard bit. I was confident I would qualify each month as I had a strong personal team, and made sure new people were joining every month and aiming for their QuickStart. After a few enquiries to see who wanted to build their team and move their business forward, I found my potential Team Leader, and with my full support she promoted in the April. From there my confidence grew in knowing that I have the ability to support people to go further with their business. And, by planning ahead for volume and finding my potential leaders, I hit triple gold on the 28th December and finally knew my place on the Travel Incentive was secured.

India itself was incredible and so humbling. The noise, smells, culture, food, and of course the magnificent sights were more amazing that I ever expected. But what I didn't expect from winning the Travel Incentive, was the effect spending five days with twelve other leaders plus Sue and Mark would have on me. I learned so much about myself and my business. I'll admit I was nervous going away with all these established leaders who had built up incredible businesses, but I had no need to be. They were all so lovely and made me realise what an amazing achievement being on that plane was, and my confidence increased ten-fold. The advice and ideas they gave me made me come away with such a buzz about running my business the way I want to. I am stronger for going, and the time away from home just being me, rather than 'mummy', was just what I needed to allow myself time to grow and become a better version of myself.

I've made some lovely friends, and by aiming for the Travel Incentive, my business is so much stronger. I've realised that it's not about the location, it's about taking that time for you and spending it with inspiring people. Now I've been on one, I'm going to be aiming for it every year, and my business will get stronger and stronger for it.'

Eight-time Travel Incentive winner, Maria Scrivens tells us why the Travel Incentive is a vital tool in her business strategy:

'When I joined Usborne fifteen years ago, I could only dream of winning the Travel Incentive. I remember thinking at the time that it wasn't for people like me, it was only for the top people.

Fast forward three years and I had won my first Travel Incentive and realised how growing a business would not only earn me money, but I could get a 'free' holiday every year for doing just that.

The travel became my annual goal. It gave me a focus, and as I went for it each year, my business grew and the promotions up through the levels followed - my earnings were growing and my business was strengthening.

Now as an Executive Leader, I use the Travel Incentive to inspire others. In my team, we use travel as a long term incentive, not only focusing on those going for the current one, but for others planning to achieve it within their three year goals.

Our leaders know how hard we work to achieve the Travel Incentive, and because they know us personally, feel an equal sense of pride when we win - they then share that knowledge with their potential recruits and customers to show what is possible with this company.

Now fifteen years later, after winning eight Travel Incentives, I know that anyone can win that holiday if they want it enough. We are now focusing on getting as many of us on the next one as possible, and guess what? As each team member wins their places, they too are promoting up the levels - a copiable model if ever I've seen one.

The Travel Incentive is the top prize on offer in the company and a fantastic recruiting tool to be used. How many people work in a job where they get to travel the world just for doing their job?

Inspired by these stories and want to book your place on the plane to our 2018 destination, St Petersburg? Act quickly, as it's not too late to get that first tick in the box. Find out all about our travel criteria here.