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Fiona Wilkes, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book Review - Rosie Loves Jack

20th December 2019

Rosie loves Jack. Jack loves Rosie. So when Jack gets sent away, Rosie knows she will do whatever it takes to find him... 

16-year-old Rosie is head over heels in love with Jack, but Jack really struggles to contain his anger, and when he lashes out in college he gets sent away to deal with his issues. Rosie knows that she is the only one who can calm Jack down, and she knows that she needs to find him to make him better again, but Jack won't answer her messages and Rosie has no idea how to reach him.

Then Rosie finds out that Jack has been writing to her every day, and her dad has been trying to keep her from him. Rather than give up, Rosie becomes even more determined to find her boyfriend and make everything better again. Armed with Jack's postcards and his temporary address in Brighton, Rosie sets off in the snow to find him.

But the snow causes major travel disruptions and Rosie finds herself stranded in unfamiliar London with no way of getting to Jack. She knows her parents will be worried, but she also knows they will stop her going to Jack, and that's not something she's prepared to risk. And with a dead phone to boot, Rosie finds herself very much alone.

Rosie wants to see the best in everyone, but she soon learns that not everyone is kind, and that getting to her precious Jack will leave her facing dangers she could not have foreseen. And whilst people might think a girl with Down's syndrome could never survive on her own, Rosie knows that she can prove everyone wrong.

Rosie loves Jack is an inspiring story about determination and never giving up in spite of the odds that are stacked against you. But more importantly it's a story about love and one girl's journey to be reunited with the boy who makes the sun shine in her head. 


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