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Fiona Wilkes, Independent Usborne Organiser

School of the Term

17th August 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Christ Church C of E Primary School are the winners of our School of the Term award for Summer Term Two.

Celebrated six times a year, School of the Term is a half-termly award that is given to one UK or EU school that has had a fantastic event with an Usborne Organiser. We are very keen to showcase the amazing things that schools have achieved through working with their Usborne Organiser  it isn't just about the amount of money raised, but the difference made to the positive reading culture of that school.

Our final winning school for this academic year inspired us with their incredible whole-school effort to transform their school library and to provide everyone with a wide range of books to read. Their fundraising efforts reached astronomical levels and showed just how much value staff, students and parents placed on the importance of reading.

Independent Usborne Organiser, Hannah Walton, tells us why she felt Christ Church Primary deserved to win School of the Term:

"In January I visited Christ Church C of E Primary School in Lichfield, to launch their Ready Steady Read event during their assembly. We talked about why it was so important to read and all the different ways we read in our everyday lives. The children gave so many thoughtful suggestions and were so engaged in the discussion. We looked at a range of Usborne books and one child recalled how he'd loved the That's not my... books when he was little. I gave the children an example of how many books their sponsorship money could earn for their school and they were super eager to get started.

From the first visit the staff and children were all so excited about the event, there was a real buzz and they all really wanted to do well to get lots of new books for their school. They were very excited about the initiative, which champions the promotion of literacy and a love of reading at home.

There was amazing engagement from all students across the school as well as supportive parents and staff who all understood the importance of promoting a love of reading. The English Lead at the school was fantastic and publicised the event brilliantly. She was keen to continue to build a strong range of non-fiction, poetry and classic texts across the school, as well as lots of fantastic fiction. She also wanted to expand the range of PSHE books in school  particularly those which cover new curriculum strands of relationships and health awareness.

The children raised an outstanding £3369.17 during their event which, with their extra 60% in free books from Usborne, meant they earned £5390.67 in brand new books of their choice! This is thoroughly well-deserved after all their hard work and amazing reading efforts. Over 500 brand new books (12 boxes!) were delivered to the school to much excitement."

English Lead, Ms Cait Cartwright, said that "The Ready Steady Read sponsored event was a brilliant way to further promote reading for pleasure and enjoyment across our school community. Our children loved all the reading and sharing of stories that they took part in. The event was a huge success and we now have a beautiful range of new books to further enrich our library! It was an absolute pleasure to work with Hannah; she was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive throughout."

Congratulations Christ Church Primary. We are in awe of your fundraising efforts and know that you'll enjoy your huge variety of new books for years to come!