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Heidi Thomas, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book Review - Moonlocket

9th October 2018

Cogheart fans get ready for another fast-paced adventure with Robert, Lily and mechanical fox Malkin!

It's the start of a long, hot summer and trouble is brewing for Lily and Robert. Master criminal, Jack Door, has broken out of jail in search of the Blood Moon Diamond he stole from Queen Victoria fifteen years before, and Robert is about to discover a dangerous connection between himself and one of London's most notorious men...

Robert is restless, while he likes living with Lily and Professor Hartman, his heart yearns for the life he used to have with his father. Desperate to reconnect with his past, he goes back to visit the burned-out clock shop he used to live in and it is there that he comes across the dangerous Jack Door. Searching for a mysterious Moonlocket, Jack is prepared to stop at nothing to be reunited with it, and he knows that it's hidden somewhere within Robert's old home.

Finding it first, Robert vows to keep it safe, especially when he realises that the locket must once have belonged to his estranged mother, from the family picture inside of it. With further research, and help from Lily and Malkin, Robert starts to put the pieces of his estranged family together, and realises his own terrible connection to Jack Door. Fearing for his mother's safety, and with Jack Door hot on his heels, Robert sets off for London with Lily and Malkin in search of his mother and the answer to all the questions about his past.

But Jack Door is not to be messed with, and Robert, Lily and Malkin find themselves playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek where Robert's Moonlocket is the ultimate prize...

Cogheart fans will love this second instalment to the series. It provides all the fast-paced adventure of the first novel as well as the magic of the mechanicals and airships, with the delight of reuniting with favourite characters Robert, Lily and Malkin. 

Moonlocket is perfect for fans of action, adventure and mystery and is a real diamond of a novel, sure to be treasured by any reader.

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