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Heidi Thomas, Independent Usborne Organiser

An Author Event with Matt Brown

27th July 2020

We all want to be able to provide children with memorable experiences at school that will last a lifetime, and Independent Usborne Organiser, Keely Horn, helped Hadleigh Junior School to do just that!

With laughs galore, writing tips, and the joy of bringing stories to life, Keely tells us what happened when Matt Brown went to Hadleigh:

"Matt is well known for his hilarious fiction and I was incredibly excited to meet him and see how this translated in a school event. He did not disappoint!

Matt did two sessions with the school - one for years three and four and one for years five and six. He engaged so well with the children using his entertaining and humorous personality and he had a real presence in the hall.

Listening to him read extracts from Killer Vending Machines Wrecked My Lunch, he delighted pupils with his voices and screams showing the story off to its best! Matt also gave them simple but effective tips for their own writing - his golden rule being to steal ideas! He shared ideas of what had influenced him as a child, how he creates character names and how friends and family can be inspirational for ideas. A strong message from him was there are ideas for writing all around us.

Matt finished both sessions with a meet and greet book signing with the pupils who had pre-ordered copies of his books. Some of them seemed a little starstruck and were so thrilled to have met him. Matt was very friendly and chatty with each child which was lovely to watch.

The day was filled with lots of smiles, laughter and above all, inspiration. I am confident it is an encounter these pupils will have etched in their memories for some time to come." 

And it wasn't just the pupils that had an amazing day. Matt Brown said, "I had a brilliant time at Hadleigh Junior School. I passionately believe that giving children a love of reading or story telling will have a huge, positive impact on their lives. There are days when I have the best and most privileged job in the world and today was definitely one of those days."

We're so pleased that such a great time was had by all, and who knows, maybe in twenty years time one of those pupils will be doing an author event at a primary school about their own brilliant novel!

If you'd like to book an author event for your school, then why not talk to your Usborne Organiser about it? They can help you to find the right author for your pupils and can plan an inspirational day that they'll never forget - whether virtual or physical. If you're not already in contact with an Organiser, then fill in the form on this page and we'll connect you with your local Organiser.