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Book of the month - 100 Things to Know About Planet Earth

1st August 2019

What is the name for the way the air smells after a storm? How did the Black Death cause an ice age? Why are arctic foxes such excellent gardeners? Find the answers to these and 97 more fascinating questions in this vibrant and exciting book.

The full colour pages of 100 Things to Know About Planet Earth feature bright, infographic-style illustrations, peppered with clear and easily-digestible text. From the expected - earthquakes, deserts and oceans - to the unexpected - rubber ducks, red rain and shy trees - the 100 bite-sized topics covered are perfect for dipping in and out of and sharing with family and friends. With look-and-talk-about opportunities in abundance, it's just not possible to keep these riveting facts to yourself!

Our favourite page is fact 61, which explains how a flamingo's perfect nest is on a corrosive lake in Tanzania. Despite Lake Natron being one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth, 2.5 million flamingos flock there every year. They love to eat tiny organisms called cyanobacteria, which thrive in the salty water - it's these bacteria which turn the lake and the flamingos bright pink!

We love the way this book not only introduces the wonders of our planet and how it works, but also provides guidance on how to help protect it. Following the 100th thing to know, readers are greeted with '10 things to do to protect Planet Earth'. From conserving energy where possible to eating wisely and recycling, there are lots of top tips to help young readers learn about small changes that can make a big difference to the future of our planet.

100 Things to Know About Planet Earth is a colourful, friendly and fascinating introduction to the planet we call home. Complete with Usborne Quicklinks, children can further explore our changing world by watching videos, taking quizzes and more. Both a lovely gift book and an engaging way to encourage more reluctant readers, this new addition to the bestselling series is sure to surprise you with every turn of the page.

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