Jane Ireland, Independent Usborne Organiser

Hold an Usborne sponsored reading event!

3rd February 2014

Ready teddy

As an Usborne Organiser I can offer you the opportunity to get free books for your nursery or school library, with Usborne school events.

How do Usborne sponsored events work?

The premise is simple: pupils are sponsored to read or listen to as many words as possible from stories, newspapers, magazines and so on. They can do so in a fixed time period or throughout the school year and at the end, sponsorship money will be collected and put towards brand-new Usborne books.

But what about free books?

Here's the best bit - once your sponsorship money is totalled up, you could get up to 60% of this total in additional, FREE Usborne books.

What sponsored events do you offer?

I offer a range of sponsored events and will be more than happy to help you decide which is the right one for your nursery group or school.

From Ready, Teddy, Go! sponsored reading and listening events, great for younger children, or themed events, to Ready, Steady... Listen! and Ready, Steady...Read! events, perfect for older children at school - there's a sponsored event for all.

And with World Book Day just around the corner now is a great time to book an Usborne event as children can save £1 on any Usborne book when they redeem a World Book Day token with me.

How do I book an Usborne sponsored listening/reading event?

Get in touch today, to arrange a sponsored event with me.