Jane Ireland, Independent Usborne Organiser

February 2014

[VIDEO] Hosting an Usborne book party

13th February 2014

Are you looking to buy new Usborne books, but haven't got time to pop to the shops or trawl through online sites? Then hosting an Usborne book party, at home, could be for you. Watch our video to find out more.
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Host a party

[VIDEO] 2014 Spring Conference and Gala

3rd February 2014

Watch our highlights video of the Usborne Books at Home 2014 Spring Conference and Gala event, where Usborne Organisers come to celebrate success and plan for their businesses in the year ahead.
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Gala video 2014

Focus on - Juggling Usborne and a busy life

1st February 2014

Usborne Team Leader, Sarah Maskell, is married with two small children, and a full time job in the RAF. Here she tells us how she manages her time to fit in selling award-winning Usborne children's books.
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Sarah Maskell