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I started my Usborne business in 2014; after working for many years in catering - I know, nothing whatever to do with books! 

When my son, Dylan was born, I started reading to him right from the beginning as this was something I treasure from my own childhood - reading was such a bonding experience for the whole family.  After a few years of combining full time work and motherhood I started looking for a new challenge that would allow me to be around more for him and Usborne seemed to me to be the best way of combining work with home life.

Now, I can take my son to and from school whilst working from home.  I've met so many lovely people, some of whom have gone on to join my team and best of all, I get to see children's happy smiling faces when they get a lovely new book.  It's the perfect job!

I recently promoted to Team Leader and I'm really looking forward to helping more people along their Usborne journey.  If you're reading this and wondering how Usborne could work for you, get in touch - I'd love to hear from you. 


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