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Kate L'argent, Independent Usborne Organiser

School of the Term

27th November 2018

We are really excited to announce the very first winners of our School of the Term award!

Celebrated six times a year, School of the Term is a half-termly award that is given to one UK or EU school that has had a fantastic event with an Usborne Organiser. We are very keen to showcase the amazing things that schools have achieved through working with their Usborne Organiser - it is not just about the amount of money raised, but the difference made to the positive reading culture of that school.

There is no finer example of this than the work of Homefields Primary School, who were nominated by Usborne Organiser Beth O'Donovan for an extra-special Ready Steady Read in memory of an extraordinary lady:

"A customer who purchased a book from me 2 years ago saw via my Facebook page that I work with schools. She contacted me to ask how I chose which schools I worked with and could I ring her so she could tell me about her daughters' school.

I rang her and she told me how very sadly, in January, a teacher at her daughters' primary school had died very suddenly. The teacher who died was the Literacy Co-Ordinator and had had a massive impact on her daughters, one in particular who during junior school had become a reluctant reader. Mrs Holiday, the teacher who sadly died, was passionate about books and reading

The school explained that in Mrs Holiday's memory they were redesigning the library and asked if a sponsored read could compliment that. Of course I said yes, and we very quickly, within the final 3 weeks of term, got a sponsored reading event set up.

Considering that this sponsored read took place not only in the final week of school, but on a non-uniform day (a notoriously excitable occasion!), the children were excellent: joining in, answering questions, and totally engaged.

After the assembly, there was an added surprise in store...

A member of staff showed me the new library, a work in progress. You have to see this library to believe it! A local joiner has constructed a wooden castle, with bookcases for walls. The castle has a door leading to a story corner complete with log cushions, a wall mural of a forest and a large tree in the middle of the room with blossom fairylights! It is a PERFECT place to go and choose a book, read in comfort and to instil a love of books amongst the children.

The sponsored read raised a magnificent £920, meaning that the school received £1,400 worth of books to fill their new magical reading retreat.

This school 100% understood the sponsored reading project: we tailored it to their school, their needs and their wishes to build a brand new library for a special reason.

They have chosen a wonderful selection of fiction, with books like Peep Inside a Tree for the youngest school members, up to The Wild Folk for the older children.

This school has been able to use reading, the sponsored reading event and books to comfort the children who still miss Mrs Holiday, and to encourage more children to enjoy reading. They have worked exceptionally hard."

Congratulations, Homefields Primary! Your certificate will be on its way to you very soon.

Nominations for School of the Term...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. To nominate a school, simply fill out this form and send it to with the subject line: School of the Term. We can't wait to hear more about all your brilliant events!

Please note that nominations for Autumn Term 2 close on 24th December 2018, and the winner will be announced in the week beginning 7th January 2019.