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Focus on life after redundancy

1st August 2013

Focus on life after redundancy - Fiona Price

Fiona joined Usborne Books at Home during her maternity leave with her second child. Although she was enjoying motherhood, she missed the "buzz of business" - so went about researching many different options for home-based businesses.  She explains: "When I found Usborne, it genuinely presented the best opportunity and was definitely a product I loved, so having grown up as a total bookworm it seemed like the natural choice."

After starting her business with Usborne, Fiona went back to her "day job" when her daughter was a year old. "I had set my sights on promoting to Team Leader, with Usborne. I was juggling a baby, being back at work, and gearing up my team... so it was a very hectic time. However the Christmas season is always busy and this gave the team a great opportunity to go for it.  I achieved promotion in the November (six months after joining). This was the most incredible boost for my business with lots of benefits accorded to support new team leaders in the growth of their teams.  It provided a fantastic platform to establish my team."

Fiona decided to continue to manage her growing Usborne business alongside her day job for the next year and half: "it just didn’t make any sense to give up my growing business, and indeed something that I loved.  It has been challenging, with many late night emails, sneaky lunchtime phone calls, and the odd day off for book fairs. Although busy, it was entirely doable due to the flexible nature of Usborne."

Recently Fiona was made redundant from her 'day job' - but as luck would have it this came as a blessing in disguise: "After 17 years, it (my day job) no longer interested or fulfilled me, so I actually looked forward to redundancy. Usborne had whetted my appetite for running my own business and being my own boss. It also gave me the confidence to take my years of business experience and put them to good use, doing things my way."

Following the redundancy news Fiona has decided to concentrate on her Usborne business full time and is hopeful for the future, as she tells us:
"Now I have the opportunity to really concentrate on my Usborne team. Not only have I been able to set up and grow my own successful business, fitting this around family and life in general, but I’ve also made some of the best friends I’ll ever have.  The Usborne culture is supportive, rewarding and friendly, with a fantastic team spirit. Couple that with the best children’s books around and it really is a win-win combination."

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