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Focus on - Juggling Usborne and a busy life

1st February 2014

Sarah Maskell

How often have you thought - "I'd love to do that, but I just don't have the time!" when wanting to take on a new hobby, career or activity? Well Usborne Team Leader, Sarah Maskell has managed to create a successful business selling Usborne children's books alongside a full time job in the RAF, as a serving Commissioned Officer, and a busy family life. Sarah proves that you can do anything you like; it just takes some planning and effective time management.

Here Sarah shares her story:

"My Usborne story began when I met Lisa Colley, my Mentor, whilst hosting an Usborne party at my house in 2011. That's when I got my first 'fix' of Usborne. Following a period of Maternity leave and a shaky return to work, I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression and was advised to consider finding an activity for myself, as a source of distraction and self-fulfilment. I knew straight away that Usborne was the answer and joined as an Organiser.

I always feel motivated to make time for Usborne, because the books and people are so inviting and that makes being an Organiser a really rewarding experience. Social media and smart technology are definitely an important part of my routine as I can focus on family, my career in the RAF and my Usborne 'world' is there, waiting - so even if I have a spare 10 minutes while dinner is cooking, I can catch up with my team or maybe respond to an enquiry. I recently had an email from a colleague serving in Afghanistan who ordered a set of books for his son as he had seen them on my Facebook page with my own children.

Some people have their 'power hours' but I have 'power sessions'. I try to dedicate Wednesday evenings to Usborne (my hubby goes diving so it is officially 'hobby' night) and Sunday mornings are my 'ideas' sessions to give me a fresh target for each week. One week it might be to meet my Mentor; another it could be to focus on one of my team to develop them. I think it helps me to start my week at work a little more energised too.

For anyone thinking about time in their day and wondering about working with Usborne, I would ask them to think about the last activity they did for themselves because they wanted to...(ironing doesn't count!) That's what I did and I haven't looked back.

My favourite bit of being an Organiser has to be finding the right book for each customer and knowing that they could be sharing that story for years to come."

Thanks for your story Sarah and well done to you, for making time for yourself and your Usborne business.

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