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Fairy cooking

Things to make and do
Fairy cooking

  • A delightful cookery book full of wonderful fairy recipes for children to cook and eat.
  • Delicate and delicious sweet and savoury recipes include tiny confetti cookies, marzipan toadstools and the ever-popular fairy cakes.
  • With simple step-by step illustrations, the recipes are ideal for making yummy fairy food for a party or sleepover, or just for fun.


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Extra information

Key Stage: EYFS; Age 5+

BIC: A2N79

ISBN: 9781409551317
32 pages
276 x 216mm

Author/Editor: Rebecca Gilpin

Illustrator: Various

Reader reviews

So sweet
Got this book for Christmas in 2005 or 6 and it is fab. Loved it. I was stoked!

hello, 17th August 2009
Yum Yum
I made four of these recipes for my 10th birthday party and they were gone by the next day. I especially liked the marzipan toadstools because I love marzipan and they are a bit to do with fairies. I LOVE FAIRIES.

A.L.C, 4th November 2008
fairy cooking
I've done two, one with Nan, one with Mum. My Nan said it was the best recipe she'd tasted.

jessica stephens, 13th June 2008
fairy cooking
I think that the book is good and there is lots of lovely things that you can eat and make. I have made a lot of the things. I like the butterfly the best and I think that every little girl should have one. Because the things in the book are so scrumshes. And so lovely my sister thinks that they should bring another one out. by Emma

Emma, 26th April 2008