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Kate L'argent, Independent Usborne Organiser

Kate L'argent

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This year is my 25th Usborne birthday. I joined looking for something to do with Michael who was then two and the thought of free and discounted books clinched the deal. Matt had just started school.

After 18 months I was a little bored but my mentor told me Usborne were about to launch their first Travel Incentive, she thought I’d enjoy the challenge. The thought of a few days away staying in a luxury hotel with no responsibilities was a dream. I planned my strategy and won an all expenses paid trip to Rome! I was hooked!

I found that by focusing on the Travel incentive each year (I’ve been to Iceland, New York, Jamaica, Istanbul, Cape Town and many more) my earnings increased too.

Moving forward a few years, my earning continued to grow and my husband Ian got his dream too – and swapped his work for something he wanted to do.

Moving forward again, my boys left home and are now set up with their own lives. We bought a campervan which I use for Usborne events and holidays all over Britain and Europe.

I am an Usborne Divisional Leader which means I have supported many team members to follow their own dreams. For some that simply meant having access to all 2500+ books either free or at discount. Others have built strong businesses to fit around their own family providing trips to Disney Land, paying for dance lessons or a new car.

All those years ago I hesitated before joining Usborne, I had no idea how it would work or if I would enjoy it. That's me above looking out over the Great Wall of China... another Dream ticked off my list.

What do you dream for? By joining my team, next year you too may be celebrating achieving your own dreams. Just follow the Join my Team link at the top of the page to get started or email me if you have any questions.

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