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Kate L'argent, Independent Usborne Organiser

Kate L'argent

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I joined Usborne Books at Home 22 years ago when my children were 5 and 2. Matthew had just started school and I wanted to do something where Michael could come too. The thought of all those lovely books at discount made Usborne an obvious choice.

My original plan was to do a few parties, get as many discounted books as possible and once Michael started school perhaps think about a "proper" job but I'm still here! My sons have grown up with Usborne and my hobby has turned into my "proper" job with earnings to match. Since my husband Ian, finished work, Usborne has given us a whole new flexible lifestyle, a chance to travel and take our work with us!

I have a fabulous Division, other Organisers and Leaders who share my love of  Usborne Books and have grown their own Usborne businesses; we work together to build and win incentive prizes, from a box of newly published titles delivered to our doorsteps every month to holidays abroad all combined within a flexible and fun job. 

All those years ago I hesitated before joining Usborne, I had no idea how it would work or if I would enjoy it. I have no regrets!  That's me above looking out over the Great Wall of China... a fabulous all expenses paid trip with Usborne! I certainly never imagined a trip to China could be included when I decided to start selling a few books!

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