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Can work REALLY be this fun?

I'm Laura and I’m a Primary School teacher with a love of books! I have 2 little bookaroos of my own who love my growing collection. There are so many different types of books Usborne have to offer - there’s something for everyone! Check out my new releases page for books that I can get 2 WEEKS before anywhere else, and the special offers section for some awesome deals.  

I wasn’t sure about joining when I first started thinking about joining Usborne as I was worried about making the £120 in the first 3 months....I don’t know why I worried, I made that in my first WEEK! Usborne is great as that’s the only MUST target, the rest are just incentives. I managed to get my kit boost (£50 worth of extra books and stationery) and my kit refund (my £48 starter kit money back) so my business was FREE! 

I love my job so much, I actually enjoy doing it in my down time from teaching and it’s great to have the flexibility to pick it up and put it down whenever I need to. It’s given me some extra money to spend on fun activities for the littlies and we can choose whatever free books we want! I also became a Team Leader in August 2019 so I can now help other people to write a better story for their families - would you like to be you? 

Want some FREE BOOKS yourself? Host a party and get 10% of your total sales in free books (when sales exceed £120) and a free book just for hosting! Like the sound of that? Let me know. 

Like the sound of this as a business opportunity for you? Contact me for more information or sign up on here...! I look forward to hearing from you. 

Laura x

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