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Lisa Colley, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book of the Month - Being Miss Nobody

1st June 2017

Being Miss Nobody tells the story of Rosalind Banks, an 11 year old girl who has Selective Mutism (SM). It provides an incredible insight into the difficulties of this condition, but also shows the everyday challenges faced by children at school in a social-media world. 

Although the story centres around the issues of bullying, perhaps what is more significant within it are the stories of friendship that blossom as the book continues. Rosalind's younger brother Seb is one of the few people that she can talk to, and their relationship is truly touching. Then there is the new girl Ailsa, who shows the beauty of a best friend, and how patience, understanding and kindness are the perfect building blocks to a lasting friendship. Finally, there are the group of students in the library who show that everyone deserves a place to belong to.

The book is a must-read for anyone 9+. It provides a really raw account of the challenges faced by children today, but also gives them hope that, with bravery, they can overcome those challenges. 

Arguably Being Miss Nobody gives valuable advice to everyone. It teaches us the power of words, and how we should always consider their impact. Most importantly, it shows us how we should never lose our voices, no matter how difficult it might seem to use them.

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