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Lisa Colley, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book of the Month - True Stories of Everest Adventures

1st August 2018

Adventure to the world's highest peak in True Stories of Everest Adventures and prepare to face weather conditions beyond what the human body should live through and dangers that no person could ever have forseen

In 1921, the first expedition to climb to the top of Everest began. In the aftermath of the devastating First World War, Britain was desperate for an adventure to grip the imaginations of its people. But with a young male population decimated by the war, and women not considered in the climbing plans, only a scratch climbing team was assembled.

Completely ill-equipped and unprepared for the effects of high-altitude, the men failed to reach the top of Everest, and their stories sparked a whole generation of climbers, desperate to journey to a place where no man had gone before them. 

But as the years went on, and Everest remained unconquered, the world waited for someone to succeed in reaching its peak. And as more men lost their lives in the attempt, others began to question whether it was possible to reach the peak and make it back without losing theirs.

True Stories of Everest Adventures takes you back in time to the first attempt at Everest and invites you to adventure with each new group of climbers as they too try to beat all odds to reach its peak. From the early tweed jacket wearers, to the oxygen carrying athletes of later attempts, and the early male climbers to the first woman to reach the peak, commisserate their failures and celebrate their successes at the top of one of the world's most dangerous places.

If you're looking for non-stop adventure that is based on real life stories, then True Stories of Everest Adventures is the perfect book for you. Packed with danger, full of excitement, and brimming with anticipation, this is a book that you will race through as you journey to make it to the top. 

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