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Lisa Colley, Independent Usborne Organiser

Lisa Colley

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Before joining Usborne, I used to work as an Admin Manager. I had always wanted to work for myself, but had never been able to come up with any bright ideas. Having always worked in an office, I just wanted to get out of that 9 to 5 environment. Then I had my lovely little girl Jessica in May 2005. This really spurred me on to investigate work from home opportunities, and I stumbled upon Usborne Books at Home!

I decided to join up in August 2005 and have never looked back. It is the ideal job to do when you have children, as you choose when you want to work, and how many hours you want to put in. And there are lots of free books along the way, so your children will benefit hugely too :) It's also great fun!  I’ve made some really lovely friends, and I’ve been on some fantastic all expenses paid trips - Monte Carlo, a cruise from Miami to Mexico, Hong Kong, Iceland, Rome & Florence and New York!!!!

I am regularly recognised for inspiring other ladies to build their own businesses, and I love helping my Division to achieve their goals.  I've won the Top Group Leader award, Top Recruiter and the Stephen Cartwright Award for Excellence for being the Ultimate Leader.

If somebody had said to me that I would be a successful sales person with my own team of leaders and organisers, I would never have believed them! But the books are fantastic and really do sell themselves.

If you fancy a piece of the action, please contact me for an information pack.  You really have nothing to lose!

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Lisa Colley
High Wycombe
HP13 6JT

Tel: 07946 388136

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