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Usborne Books have been known for their quality since their inception in 1973, and this reputation continues with good reason today.

These books are read and enjoyed by both children and adults alike. They are also particularly good at inspiring and encouraging those that would rather not, or find it difficult to, read. Many children will choose out of the huge variety of information books that Usborne have to offer. The amount of text is carefully considered before publication together with the content, illustrations and pictures. For those less inclined to read, many of the sticker books now include photos and information about a subject, and flap books always intrigue. It is so often the mix-and-match of fun things to do combined with the reading and learning that is so important for some of our young people.

If you would like to purchase, please browse the website.

If you would like to see more Usborne books in school, please contact me to talk about organising a Book Fair or Sponsored Read at school.

If you are a school and have AR or if you are a parent/carer whose child needs more books for AR, Usborne have around 250 books that have been quizzed. Click here for the list.

Should you want further information about reluctant and struggling readers, as a parent or a school, please click here


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