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I have been putting books into childrens' hands since the late '90's when I started working for Scholastic; my role was to help schools organise their book fairs. Since then, my working life, and much of my personal life too, has revolved around schools and education. However, my main aim has been to help reduce the gap between those that like to learn and are able to, and those that can't or don't want to.

It is well known and well documented that reading from an early age is a great springboard for helping learning in school, and also a great benefit for the years ahead. I am an Accelerated Reader trainer as well as an Usborne Organiser. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program run in schools that inspires keen readers to try new authors and genres thereby creating welcome challenges for them, but that also inspires those that would rather not read, to pick up a book.


There are over 27,000 books within AR, including more than 250 Usborne books. For schools using AR the inclusion of these Usborne books is a bonus as, of course, it is for parents. You will find a list of these books, complete with their levels, if you click here.

However, with or without AR, Usborne books are high quality 'must-read' books for all ages and abilities and this is why it is a given for me to encourage schools, teachers, parents and children to buy them. Usborne authors have the knack of writing their books to appeal to both the good and not-so-good readers from early emergent readers right through their school years. This includes the huge choice of information books that are well-written, interesting and colourful that so inspire fact-loving children together with the wide-range of stories that create laughter through the antics of Oliver Moon or Penny Dreadful, excitement in the Quest of the Gods, intrigue through the Animal Investigators or the pathos of the acclaimed Angel series so widely loved by our young adults.

Schools and teachers - if you want to find out about doing sponsored reads or book fairs which could provide you with free books for your school, or you would like to order books, then please email me at or ring on 07837 134281 for a chat. If you would like more information on AR too, then please contact me and I'll be only too pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Librarians - if you would like to put in an order for Usborne books or organise an event, please contact me (details above)

Parents - please browse and buy from this website. If any of you feel you might fancy becoming Usborne organisers yourselves please contact me on the details above and I can tell you all about it and answer any questions you may have.

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