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4th November 2013

Zoe Rainbow

Independent Usborne Organiser, Zoe Rainbow joined Usborne Books at Home in January 2012.

At the time Zoe was unable to drive and was concerned about building a successful business with no means of transport, however, thanks to Zoe's hard work and the encouragement of her Usborne Mentor, Tracy Hickson - Zoe built a successful business and used her extra earnings to pay for driving lessons.

And we're delighted to share that Zoe has now passed her driving test! Here Zoe tells us her story:

"Learning to drive these days isn't cheap, but it was something I'd just never got around to doing. It's not that I didn't want to – but it can be tough to find the money for something like that, with lessons every week... so when I joined Usborne Books at Home in 2012 it was one of my main concerns.

How on earth could I get to an Usborne book party with loads of books and a small child in tow and no transport? My Mentor, Tracy, assured me it wasn't an obstacle and that I could still work my business around my life – and, who knows, maybe use my Usborne commission to pay for driving lessons...?

I threw myself into building my Usborne business and achieved the Runaway Success Kit Refund in my first six weeks (an incentive that repays the business start-up cost of £38, to Usborne Organisers who get off to a particularly successful start). I put this money towards buying a Personalised Usborne website and from there on continued to book in lots of parties and events, telling everyone who would listen about the wonderful world of Usborne books!

I started to build a team mainly because there were lots of events I couldn't physically get to (although I have been known to walk for one and a half hours to get to a book party!) It was also really helpful to have a back-up in case one of the children was ill - and the extra commission I earned as a result of having a team helped my 'Driving Lessons Saving Pot' to grow.

I achieved a promotion, to Team Leader, in June 2012 and continued to grow our team. Today we are a strong, supportive team and I am lucky to have made lots of good friends as a result!

In January 2013 I attended the Spring Conference and Gala for the first time (which is amazing by the way - if you haven't been you must go!) and set myself the goal of not only learning to drive (as I had saved enough for 60+ lessons) but the distant dream of taking the family to Disneyland Paris.

I worked out what I'd need to do to make my goals a reality and set to work filling my diary with events, working with schools on sponsored reading schemes and working with my team. Oh, and I started booking some driving lessons too.

So, fast forward to October 2013: I have just passed my driving test (first time!) and the next step is to book our trip to Disneyland Paris as the money is saved and ready.

What next? I want to work with my team to help them achieve their goals, continue to build my business (now I can drive to events) and... maybe get a car with a rainbow on the side!"

Congratulations Zoe and thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story.

Has Zoe's story motivated you to start your own business?

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