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Hello. I'm Lucy - and I’m an Usborne book-a-holic! 

My love of everything Usborne started when I had my first child (nearly 8 years go). I loved buying him books and the beautiful quality offered by Usborne ensured it quickly became my favourite brand.

In 2018 I found myself on maternity leave after having my second child. I was used to doing a challenging job and although I loved being at home with my son, I craved a bit of excitement and something to add a bit of variety to my days- but didn't know what!

I often bought my books from a friend of mine who was an Usborne Organsier and she suggested I might like to give Usborne a go myself. 

I thought it was an incredible low risk proposition for less than £50 - so I decided I could sell them as a hobby for a bit of extra pocket money and at least get cheaper books (and free books too) for my own boys. 

Jump forward almost 2 years and Usborne is now my full time job! As well as being a book seller am now also a Team Leader and I mentor a team of other organisers, helping support them to build the business they want! It's such a fun and friendly community to be part of - a totally unexpected bonus of having my own team. 

That’s the beauty of Usborne- everyone starts with the same box of books, then builds their own unique business from it- and because there are no sales targets, you can work it round family life, picking it up and putting it down around your other commitments.

If you want to find out more about what's involved in being an organiser for yourself, you can get in touch via email or Facebook and we can arrange a time to chat. What's the best that could happen?

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